A secret project- Grace for the Journey Book

A secret project- Grace for the Journey Book

I’ve been working on a secret project for over a year now. In early spring 2017, my friend Melody Cain asked me if I would pray about being involved in a project she was spearheading, a one year devotional for adoptive moms that would encourage and inspire. After some prayer and thought (and, if I’m being honest, fear) I said yes. Then, the suspension happened in Ethiopia, and I realized how crucial this type of book could be. When you’re in a dark, scary place, you need to know you aren’t the only one. Sometimes, the most life-giving words come from someone who has walked a similar journey. Along with thirteen other adoptive moms, I started writing.

Last fall, I woke up at 4:30 am several days a week to write in the stillness of a house that isn’t often quiet. I had the joy and hardship of writing in the thick of it, when attachment was a struggle and weariness was high. Then in the spring, we moved into editing, and I realized what a gift God had given me in capturing those raw, vulnerable days in words. He didn’t let me write from a place of success or achievement but, rather, from a place of weakness. As I edited and deleted and rewrote and deleted (brevity is not my strength), I realized His strength was abundant in my weakness, and that’s a story worth telling.

The book is called Grace for the Journey: A One-Year Devotional for Adoptive Moms. It releases on December 11, 2018. You can pre-order the book starting this Thursday, November 1st. For the first ten days of pre-orders (November 1st-10th), every copy purchased will also send a copy to an adoption agency to be given to a new adoptive family. (Updated: Pre-orders are live. You can pre-order at www.graceforthejourneybook.com.) For now, you can learn more about the book by visiting www.graceforthejourneybook.com.

If you would *really* like to help me out, please join our launch group on Facebook. You can search for “Grace for the Journey Book” on Facebook. You can also message me or leave a comment, and I’ll be happy (and thankful!) to add you. If you know of an adoptive mom, would you please share this book with her? Your support means the world to me. So many of you have sent kind messages over the years, and it’s those messages that helped me say yes to this project. I’m incredibly grateful for you.

I also have to give a shout-out to my eight year old for taking my picture for the website. Thank you, Lulu! And another shout-out to my dear friend Heather for writing my bio. I texted her last weekend saying I needed help. If it was up to me, my bio was going to read, “Hot mess. The end.” She, of course, wrote words I don’t deserve. Thank you, H.

To all of you, thank you for your help, support and encouragement!

One thought on “A secret project- Grace for the Journey Book

  1. Sweet Elissa!!! I am so excited that you accepted the challenge and let God use you yet again! Your obedience, transparency, love for God, Matt, and your children (in that order) will be a useful witness to help those adoptive moms who need someone to walk beside them! You are truly a gift from God, my much younger friend!!!

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