Dear Daughters, Who should we let in?

Dear Daughters, Who should we let in?

There’s a lot going on in the news these days. One of you doesn’t even like to hear the news. You cover your ears when it comes on. I know. It’s hard to hear how broken our world is. But never ever forget, sweet daughters of mine, we have the Hope. We have the Light. We have the Love. His name is Jesus.

There’s a lot of talk right now about who we should let in and who we should keep out. Here’s what I’m doing, girls. I’m waking up every day and asking the Holy Spirit to fill me, to take hold of every selfish, prideful thought and action I’m prone to and replace it with sacrifice and gratitude.

There’s this quote from Ann Voskamp’s The Broken Way I keep circling back to…

We could all be the ones outside the gate. We all could have been Gordon, fallen on hard times into hard ways; we could have been the ones fighting the Lord’s Resistance Army slitting our child’s throat in the middle of the night; we could be the one born into a slum, violently raped and left for dead, the one born into AIDS, into starvation, into lives of Christless desperation. The reason you are inside the gate for such a time as this–is to risk your life for those outside the gate.

Are there risks in this sort of a life? Yes, absolutely. But hear me loud and clear, beautiful daughters, we are not here to live a safe life. We are here to be clothed in the armor of God with the Living Sword in our dirt-crusted hands and bruised and bloodied knees. We are not here to look pretty. We are here to say to the cast-out, the forgotten, the left behind, “You are beautiful, child of God.” Does this put us in the bulls-eye? Yes. Does this mean we might go somewhere scary, live somewhere less desirable, and sometimes stare straight in the face of evil? Yes, it does. But you have nothing to fear. The devil wants you to think other people are your enemy. But we know who the enemy is, and we know who the Victor is. We will take the gospel at His Word. We will refuse a life that is bubble-wrapped, sanitized, and shiny.

We will risk our lives for those outside the gate. And if in doing so, our Sovereign God should call us home, we will know we used up every breath, every drop of sweat, every beating pulse of this earthly heart to show a broken world a Savior who stretched out His arms on a wooden cross to spell out L-O-V-E.

Go forward, my beautiful Esthers, and show God’s life-changing love to a desperate world.

I love you,




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