Would you pray for December 15th?

Would you pray for December 15th?

I’ve gone back and forth on whether to write this. I’ve shared it with the people on E’s prayer team, but I didn’t want to write it publicly. But Sunday my teaching pastor asked what our fear was and I immediately thought of this. My fear is that if I pray something crazy and big and bold and scary and God chooses to do something else that I’ll look foolish. My pastor’s other question was about our pride. I guess I got my answer to both.

So, I’m writing this here. December 15th, our E has a court date. Our agency tells us this court date is just a formality because of the specifics regarding E’s background and situation. But I can’t help but note that the court date is DECEMBER 15th, exactly six months after our referral date of June 15th. Within days of getting our referral back in June, a prayer warrior friend texted me saying she was praying for 6 months. I wrote about it here and quickly found out several other prayer warriors had also felt led to pray for 6 months. So, I can’t help but think this specific court date is ordained by God. We are praying that at this court date that is just supposed to be a formality, God will intervene and do what only He can do. That He will place a man or woman in that Ethiopian court house who will see E’s file and do the impossible. That we will receive a phone call that begins with “You aren’t going to believe it, but…” and we will smile because we do believe it. We believed it all along. Yes, we are the crazy fools who believe in a God who splits seas, commands waves, and delivers beautiful baby girls into the waiting arms of a momma and daddy.

Would you pray with us?

12 thoughts on “Would you pray for December 15th?

  1. Praying! We just arrived home Nov 12 with our son from Ethiopia. We, too, had that first court date 6 mo after receiving ourcreferral in April 2015. I’m tearful with gratitude to be able to pray for you, your daughter, the judge, your agency, & all those in our government who will handle your PAIR documents. Feel free to contact me if you want! Blog is http://www.lovewinsjourney.blogspot.com
    Praying a sun stand still prayer.

      1. Elissa,
        Just catching up on your blog. I want to encourage you… we must text! Our process started Nov 9, 2010 (initial paperwork to agency), referral April 20, 2015. First court date Oct 25, 2015, PAIR approval January 15, 2016. But, we had to wait from that first court date until August 9 for our federal MOWA letter (we had a negative recommendation June 1 from Federal MOWA). Then, once we received our positive, court was closed (of course). Arrived in Ethiopia Oct 19, court Oct 25 (we took custody & stayed in country for one trip). Arrived home Nov 12. This process isn’t for the faint of heart… it’s war. Keep fighting. Armor on, shields up. I’d love to chat about what we learned, saw, & heard in country. Also, what agency are you with?

  2. Also… I’m praying NOW for court as court is open in Ethiopia. Asking for all to be present who need to be & for officials, judges, & ministers to work & move paperwork today. Expecting good news when we wake!

  3. Praying right now….Romans 1:10. By God’s will that the way may be opened for E to come to you. Love you, Elissa! It’s 12:29am.

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