Adoption Update

Adoption Update

“Everybody wants to see the Red Sea split, but no one wants to walk up to it. We pray asking God to see a miracle, to be part of a miracle, but then with the very next breath we pray asking Him to never ever put us in any position where we would actually need a miracle.” ~Priscilla Shirer at Propel Conference

Whether I was brave enough to ask for it or not, we are at the Red Sea. We are right up on it, maybe smack dab in the middle of it. In his book The Red Sea Rules, Robert Morgan offers up the possibility that the Red Sea didn’t split all at once from coast to coast. Perhaps, with each step God hemmed back more and more of the sea. Maybe the whole time the Israelites saw water, water, and more water, but they kept walking.

We are stepping forward, and with each step the mighty hand of our God pushes the sea back. We got word that we have been submitted to court and that our family coordinator expects to have our PAIR papers very soon. We are at the point that we will have two processes running concurrently–our court process and our PAIR process. PAIR stands for Pre-Adoption Immigration Review. The PAIR process allows USCIS to review the child’s case for immigration status prior to our adoption in Ethiopian court. While that is going on, our court process will be moving along as well as we anxiously await our court date.

Please join us in praying for both of these processes to move with supernatural speed and efficiency. Speaking of prayer, I cannot say thank you enough for your response to my request for prayer around the clock for our girl. You flooded that page, even the middle of the night hours (thank you friends in Israel, Australia, and all of you with wee babies for covering those spots!) I am printing off a copy of her prayer tribe for her story book. Together, we are watching God do a miracle. And I’ll be filling out some more paper work and singing Bethel’s “Jesus We Love You” on repeat.

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