My Thoughts on Pure Barre

My Thoughts on Pure Barre

IMG_5972My legs currently feel like jello. I posted a pic of Allison and me after our Pure Barre Platform class, and there were some questions. My long-winded self wasn’t sure I could fit it all in on IG, so here I am sharing my thoughts on barre class.

I’ve been taking Pure Barre (PB) since I finished the St. Jude half in December. Back in October, my left knee starting bothering me, but I was determined to run St. Jude, so I just pushed through and told myself I would rest it after the race. Once the race was over, I wanted to find some type of exercise that would allow my knee to rest. My friend Katie teaches PB, and she gave me a free class to try it out. Let me just say that if you struggle with perfectionism like me taking a class like this is a great exercise. Because I was lost as a goose trying to figure out what all these new words meant (tuck–hold–tiny curl) and trying to figure out why I seemed to be moving so little but my body hurt so much. Having run a full and a half-marathon, I walked into the class thinking I was fairly in shape, but I walked out thinking something altogether different.

That was seven months ago, and I still love PB. It kicks my butt every. single. time. And I leave the PB Platform classes soaking wet.


Can you do barre with little to no workout experience?

Totally! The first class is extra hard because you don’t know what any of the terms mean, but you learn fast and by the second class you are more mentally prepared. I’m seven months in, and every class still pushes me in a huge way. For a lot of the exercises, you are using your own body as resistance, so it’s always going to be hard.

Is it expensive?

Yes, in my opinion, it’s really expensive. We made some changes and cuts to our budget (goodbye cable, smaller clothing budget, etc.) to get the bottom line where it needed to be. But I will say that the financial cost means I never miss a class, and I give it my all every class. Matt and I talked the end of last year and decided we were willing to invest in our health with each of us finding something that challenges us physically. The instructor-led class gives me the accountability I need to keep pushing myself. I also appreciate being corrected when I don’t have proper form, so that I will get the maximum impact and prevent injury. I have a hard time “taking care of myself” but PB has been huge in helping me have a little time every week to do that. There are Pure Barre DVDs available too that you can order and do similar exercises at home. That would be a very cost-efficient solution for someone who wanted to do it but not make the financial investment.

Can you tell a difference?

Yes, I feel stronger. There is something very rewarding about pushing yourself much further than you think you can go and realizing you are capable of more than you thought. Also, pregnancy and babies and motherhood are hard on a woman’s self-esteem. I still have lumps and bumps and all that comes with motherhood and aging, but I feel strong and fit, and I can do a dance party while holding both my younger girls. That makes me happy.


That’s a little about my experience with Pure Barre. I’m happy to answer any questions!

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