Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

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We did it! Another year of homeschooling complete! I have a homeschool training next week, so technically we still have a few days left to do school type stuff, but I get to make my curriculum list for next year which I love. (I’m a nerd.) And Lyd gets to do a geo-draw camp which she’s super excited about. I know some homeschooling parents do at least some school straight through the year. I’ve read the research, and I see the validity of not losing what you’ve just learned. Buuuuut… for this summer-loving mom, sanity won out over education. (That sounds awful, I know.) But there’s just something about a complete and total break that rejuvenates me. We’re all looking forward to our summer break.

My house is full of peonies which are just the happiest flowers ever. Every morning, Peach and I go peek out of her window to see if any more are ready to be cut. My hydrangea opened its first bloom this week, and the blackberries are going to be plentiful. I love this time of year.

Some recent favorites…

This iced coffee maker: Matt and I are big fans of iced coffee when it’s warm outside. Pretty paper straws are also a must.

Easy dinner idea–The Platter: I like to call this The Pupu Platter. (You know, from the Lion King with Timon and Pumbaa.) But my family vetoed that. (For obvious homophone reasons.) No matter what you call it, this is such an easy summer meal. Grab a platter and load it up with fresh fruit, cheeses, crackers, and I especially love some homemade hummus and naan bread. You can also add any already cooked meats you have in the fridge. Slice up a leftover chicken breast, maybe some pepperoni, whatever you’ve got on hand. Confession: we don’t even use plates and utensils. We just take the platter and our drinks out to the patio and all circle around it while we munch away and Lottie steals all the crackers.

And for dessert, may I recommend this strawberry rhubarb crisp? Rhubarb has a short season, so make this soon! It is crazy delicious!

Wild and Free by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly: The tagline of this book says it all, “A hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough.” I have inhaled this book and used the note function on my Kindle frequently.

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl: I’m sure I’ve recommended this one before, but I saw it at the library last week and picked it up to reread. Her descriptions of food alone are enough to make this a perennial favorite for me, but the story is quite good too. It’s a fun summer read.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave: This one is dark and not PG, but it puts you in the shoes of two women facing hard choices within a compelling story. This is not a feel-good beach read. Rather, it is one of those haunting novels that makes you think about choices and consequences.

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson: Another dark one, this is a different take on historical fiction. The storytelling technique is a little unusual, but I found it interesting. (You do have to pay attention to the chapter headings so you know what year it is.) It prickles with questions and makes for interesting discussion.

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Lydia in front of the dress First Lady Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration balls.

The Residence by Kate Anderson Brower: This one reads like a documentary and takes you behind the scenes in the White House with stories from the service staff from the Kennedys to the Obamas. I love learning all the bits of trivia regarding the White House. Did you know they have to pay for their personal meals?

Let’s talk about baths. Do you like baths? I love them. I think I took two baths in my adult life pre-kids. Post-kids, at least a few times a week. I like to put a combo of lavender oil and body wash in my bath water and this mask on my face. And, of course, a book and something to drink. So relaxing.

Happy Friday, friends! In the words of Timon and Pumbaa, hakuna matata.


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