A Place to Rest Your Eyes

A Place to Rest Your Eyes

I’ve never been a flowers-in-a-vase type person. I would see a bunch wrapped in brown kraft paper and think, “How beautiful!” but then my frugal side would scream, “Why waste money on something that will be brown in a week?” Sometime in mid-February when we were between ice storms, I was at the grocery store and saw pink tulips for $3.33 a bunch. I scooped up the five little blooms and brought them home to our kitchen table. Instead of focusing on the gray outside or the play dough bits dotting my kitchen floor, my eyes would rest on those tulips. Since that week, I’ve taken to buying some inexpensive flowers each week to put on the kitchen table. And today I got to cut my first blooms from the yard–a trio of tiny crimson roses and a couple sprigs of rosemary. In the midst of all the wonderful messiness that makes up life, those blooms create a place to rest my eyes. 

I used to think that only certain types of people were creative. You had to drink lattes with artistic foam and listen to indie bands and wear the requisite skinny jeans. But I don’t think that’s true anymore. Being made in the image of our Creator, I think we were made to create. Our creations will look different. One might sing, one might throw pottery, one might weld. One might use words, one might use paint, one might use dough. But it is the very act of creating that points back to our Creator. The act of taking something raw and imperfect and making it into something beautiful. 

When you’re in the trenches of parenting, it’s easy to put your creating to the side. So many other things screaming, “Fire!” and there’s just the chaos of everyday life. But just like my eyes resting on those garden roses, my heart needs a place to rest too. A few minutes to create, to take raw materials and imagine what could be. It might be making risotto for the first time or learning how to operate my camera on manual. It might be taking a class or hosting a book club. It might be very, very small, like ten minutes writing while I feed a baby. But those minutes add up to make something beautiful. A place for my heart to create. A place for my eyes to rest. 

2 thoughts on “A Place to Rest Your Eyes

  1. Absolutely beautiful post! I was just talking with a friend about the beauty of remodeling yourself, because you create a room that reflects your heart. Radiates your own brand of beauty. Very inspiring friend! thank you!

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