To the Mom Who Feels Like a Failure Today

To the Mom Who Feels Like a Failure Today

We’ve all been there. Some seasons it feels like we live there. I was in a rough spot a few months ago beating myself up for all the ways I felt like I was failing my kids. I can’t remember where I was going, but I was in the car by myself with the music cranked up and tears streaming down my face. (Probably not ideal driving conditions, I realize.) And the thought settled in my mind, “Elissa, let’s fast forward thirty years. Your girls are moms and raising their own children. If they are parenting like you are parenting, what will you say to them?” I knew exactly what I would say. I would grab their sweet, weary hands and say, “You are a rock star. No, I know you aren’t perfect. None of us is. But you are killing it–in the best possible way, of course. You are pouring yourself into these lives. You are learning and growing and loving with all you have. I am so proud of you.”

I shared this story with a friend yesterday who is going back to work for the first time today. She was anxious about being away from her child while she’s working and feeling the “mom guilt” every mom knows because of one decision or another.

We are hardest on ourselves, expecting perfection and second-guessing every single decision we make. Sometimes, we need to step back and look on our lives with the perspective of someone else. And realize we aren’t failing at all.

To my fellow imperfect, rock star moms, high fives to you.

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