Girls & Swimsuits

Girls & Swimsuits

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetY’all, I’m done with the ice. Maybe if it was pretty, fluffy, white snow, but this gray, dull ice–no, thank you. I bought some tulips Saturday with the goal of willing spring to Memphis. So far, it’s done nothing, but at least they are pretty to look at. But, Lord willing, warm weather will soon be here, and that means swimsuits. Ah, swimsuits. I took advantage of the silver lining to a five day stomach bug (a few pounds lighter) and went swimsuit shopping last Saturday. If someone could come up with a more flattering light bulb to put in those dressing rooms, I think that person would be rich. And adored. Kind of like the angel/genius who created Spanx. But I digress…

I’ve been looking for swimsuits for my girls too. Lyd is moving out of the toddler section and into the big girls’ section. Good gravy, I was not ready for that. I texted my mom a little while ago to apologize for the grief I gave her as a kid when it came to swimsuits. Finding something that is both cute and modest is not easy. After several days of searching online, I ordered the girls’ swimsuits from Hanna Andersson. I’ve gotten several HA dresses for them from Costco, and I’ve been impressed with the quality. Knowing how hard my girls are on swimsuits, I need something that lasts. (Lottie wore hers from last summer inside out and backwards all day Thanksgiving. So, not only does it need to be able to stand up to sun and chlorine but also turkey and sweet potato casserole.) The HA ones were on the expensive side, but I found a promo code that saved me a little, and I just got two for each girl. When we are at the beach one can be drying while the other is being worn. HA had some cute Rash Guard baby suits too that cut down on the amount of sunblock I have to slather on Peach. (Squirmy baby plus trying to get sunblock in all those little baby rolls equals mom that needs a fruity drink. Am I right?)

During my search I found some other places that had promising possibilities as well. Look at the reviews yourself, but Lands End and LL Bean had some options that looked nice too. Old Navy online had some modest choices, but the patterns weren’t quite bold enough for Lyd’s liking. I’m sure there are department stores that have good choices, but getting three littles out in this weather sounded ludicrous, so I opted to search online.

Being the mom of three girls, modesty is hugely important to me, but I don’t want to just force them to wear something because I said so. I want to train them to choose modesty, not just acquiesce. (Although–in case my girls read this later–Matt and I aren’t afraid to use that deadbolt on the front door if we have to.) I searched online and found a few options that seemed appropriate and showed them to her while we talked about each one. While scrolling she pointed out another one and asked about it. I explained that the top looked like it might ride up when she was playing or swimming and potentially expose her chest. This gave us a good opportunity to talk once more about respecting our bodies. In the end she liked a couple from Hanna Andersson. (I was happy because they had matching ones for all three girls. I know the matching days are nearly over, but while she still thinks it’s cool I’m totally doing it.) I know modesty will be something we talk about a lot, especially as they get older. Matt and I have firm expectations for what the girls wear, but I’m hopeful that training them how to choose modesty now will help them make wise choices on their own as they get older. Of course, when it comes time for formal dresses, I might need a sedative or a burrito–or both–because I’m doubtful polar bear suits will be in style.

Oh, and if your child wears the swimsuit backwards, all modesty is lost. Just FYI.

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