In This Family…

In This Family…

I mentioned a book last week that our small group is going through–Experiencing God at Home. Our first homework assignment was to create a list of family values. So, last weekend over crispy thin-crust pizza–Matt’s loaded with BBQ pork and banana peppers, mine with pesto chicken and every veggie I could pile on–Matt and I came up with this list for our family…

In this family, we fight for each other. We fight for truth and vulnerability. We do the hard thing and tell each other when we’ve been hurt. We say I’m sorry and forgive quickly. When we think we’ve hurt one another, we go to the person immediately and strive to make it right.

In this family, we have fun. We do dance parties, pizza picnics, and breakfast for dinner. We laugh and tell knock-knock jokes. We make a mess in the bathtub, jump on the beds, and play the music too loudly.

In this family, we aren’t afraid to fail. We make mistakes and mess things up. We get back up and try again. We are willing to be stretched and pushed, and we’re okay with one step forward and two steps back.

In this family, we cheer each other on. We celebrate the gifts we see in each other and take time to encourage those gifts. We pull out the pom-poms and make the giant banner. We holler and chant and make fools of ourselves because we are proud of our tribe, and we want you to know.

In this family, we say yes to God even when it’s scary. We say yes when He messes with our bank account. When He shines light on our insecurities. When He opens our eyes to someone hurting. When He stirs our hearts to go. When He takes us out of our comfort zone. When His timing doesn’t make sense. We say yes because the only thing scarier than saying yes is saying no and missing out on the adventure He has for us.

In this family, we are okay with messy and imperfect. So, that tin whistle you’re playing sounds like dying cats. That’s okay. Keep pressing on. So, you’ve got poop on your hands because you had an accident and tried to clean it up yourself. That’s okay. Keep trying. So, that special meal got burned under the broiler. That’s okay. That’s why there’s Papa John’s. We are messy, imperfect people, and that’s okay.

In this family, we believe Jesus changes everything. He changes the way we love and the way we see people. He changes our words and our stories. He changes our hearts and our desires. And we believe no one is beyond being changed by the One who makes all things new, who raises dead people to life, and who creates beauty for ashes.

2 thoughts on “In This Family…

  1. I would like to be in your family!! Read those words often and stick to them when the babies are in high school! Your family can be a refuge for many others. Keep up the good work.

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