Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Thank goodness the sun is out today. My self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder was in desperate need of some sunshine. I realized at the end of last Sunday that I just sort of let the weekend happen. I didn’t think about it or plan anything fun. I’m realizing more and more how much I set the pace for our family. If I’m rushing and burning at both ends, most likely my family is too. And if I’m relaxed and looking for ways to add a little fun to our day, then they will have a chance to breathe and laugh too–more on that topic next week.

But for today a few favorites as of recent…

Naked 2 eyeshadow palette: Trust me I’m not going to give you any makeup advice. Hello, I have to ask my bff Kimmie for makeup tutorials. But she recommended this palette a while ago, and I got it for Christmas a year ago. Even after using this same palette every day for a year, none of the colors is even showing the bottom of the tin yet. That’s how long these shadows last.

Smartwool socks: These are a must for running when it’s cold. I love, love, love these socks. They stay put and don’t give you blisters, and they keep your toes toasty.

Fixer Upper: After several friends recommended this show, I had to watch, and now I am a big Chip and Joanna fan. I’ve only seen two episodes, but my favorite part is watching Chip and Joanna mess with each other.

Experiencing God at Home: Our small group just started this study. We’re only one week in, so I’ll let you know how the rest goes. I find myself getting lost in the day to day survival of life with littles, and this is helping me think long term and big picture.

Chronicles of Narnia Audio Book: We got this collection for the girls for Christmas. Lydia listens to a CD every day during rest time, and they both listen while they are going to sleep at night. It’s the full collection of books done by Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre, and the quality is excellent.

Halo Fleece Swaddle: With the frigid temps, our little Peach has basically lived in one of these. And there’s nothing so sweet as a little fleecy baby burrito.

Rock ‘n Play: Let’s imagine it’s 3 am, and you have pregnancy insomnia so there you are reading lists of favorite baby products. Everyone keeps talking about this Rock ‘n Play. You remember that the swing is barely hanging on because it was donated to you before your first baby four years ago, and the music now sounds like a dying cat. You also remember that your two-year-old was bouncing on the bouncer a few days ago and may have broken it. You find one of these “raved about” Rock ‘n Plays on sale for $40 on Amazon Prime and that one click button is so dangerous… yes, I bought it. And it was worth every penny. It even folds up so I was able to take it with us when we went to visit family for Christmas.

Well, I better go round up the littles so we can tackle our school stuff for the day. The weekend is near, the sun is out, and, unlike last week, I put a little thought towards our weekend. It’s Friday. My goals for the weekend… take a deep breath, laugh a lot, cook something yummy, and tell some people we love them.

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