Table Manners

Table Manners

At some point last week, I looked at Matt and said, “I feel like I’m raising savages.” I believe it was when one child had her naked booty on the dining room table–during dinner mind you–and one was wiping her booger underneath the same table. (Said table has since been cleaned but fair warning if you come over here–it’s an eat at your own risk type situation most days. Don’t judge.)

And I can’t even remember the last time we went to eat at a restaurant. I probably blocked it from memory as a coping mechanism. All that to say, I’m raising three girls who I want to one day become ladies. (And I’d like to eat dinner without gagging.) So, we have some things to work on. My goal for homeschool this semester and even more for our family story is that we have fun. With that in mind, we had a tea party today. The Downton Abbey crew would disown us, what with our oatmeal and orange juice in lieu of scones and tea, but it’s what we had. (And I wasn’t going to share my iced tea because I used my last two tea bags to make the current pitcher yesterday and Momma needs her caffeine. Or otherwise I’ll be the savage.)

We made our little motley set up with mismatched cups and bowls and the little honey pot my mom gave me years ago. We practiced letting others go before us, waiting to eat until everyone was seated and ready, saying please and thank you. Now, one of us was still naked because one of us is potty training and thinks if she isn’t going to wear bottoms then why bother with a top. (Clearly, we have other things to work on as well–modesty and the need to clothe oneself being high on the list.) But as in all things learning is about progress and not perfection.

The girls had a blast and–maybe just maybe–learned something too. Because even pink musketeers need to practice their manners.

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