Hard Questions

Hard Questions

You know what’s hard? Explaining sex trafficking to your four-year-old daughter. Yesterday, the Compassion Gift Catalog came, and this morning I found Lydia on the couch studying each page. She wanted to know every child’s story. “How do they get the water from the well to their home, Momma? Why are they living in tents? Why does that little girl look sad, Momma?” As I gently and carefully answered each question for my very sensitive Lydia, tears were welling in my own eyes. How do I explain something so wretched like sex trafficking to a four-year-old?

This conversation began last year when A21 was doing their End It social media movement. Lydi and I put an X on our hands, took a picture, and we talked about girls who are hurting. She brings up that day and that picture often, and this morning we talked about it again when she got to that page of the catalog. I strongly desire to create a safe haven for our girls, a home where they feel protected and secure. And a place where they feel comfortable asking hard questions. But I will not pretend this world is not broken. I will not paint a paradise when so many are hurting. We will enjoy the beautiful. We will marvel in the majestic. But we will also confront the ugly. Because this world is not our home, but it is our mission.

We will keep having the hard talks and looking into the eyes of rescued girls. We will pray for orphans and never stop fighting for children around the world and in our community to have a home. And we will keep praying that God will break our girls’ hearts for the things that break His. I want my girls to be safe, but even more I want them to be sent. Sent to love a broken world.

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