How Halloween Is Going Down This Year

How Halloween Is Going Down This Year

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetA couple weeks ago I had a little talk with the girls that went something like this…

Here’s how Halloween is going to go down this year, girls. You’re going to go to the dress rack in your room and pick whatever dress tickles your fancy on the morning of October 31st. For dinner we will eat a jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s because it’s cheap and easy festive. Then, I will hand you a recycled princess gift bag left over from one of your birthdays and off we will go. Also, if you could please slant the candy selection to the chocolate end of things. Love, your very, very pregnant momma. 

Friday night, we got home late from our annual pumpkin carving party with the small group which this year looked more like a mess of kids running around on a s’mores high and wearing half pajamas/half costume and some children who shall remain nameless (Charlotte) stripping down to their birthday suit in the middle of the garage. Matt and I tucked in two conked out little girls whose teeth were probably rotting out from all the chocolate and the lack of a nighttime brushing. The next morning Lydia declared it the best night ever which, granted, she declares about most days, but I think she’s onto something.

Sometimes, we make it too hard. Sometimes, we think we need Norman Rockwell, but really all we need is a bag of marshmallows, a fire pit, and some friends to laugh with.

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