Anyone Else Ready For Fall?

Anyone Else Ready For Fall?

IMG_1825It’s the little things, y’all. It might be 100 degrees and I might be sweating my eyeballs out, but hints of fall are starting to peek out. Pumpkin-themed recipes are popping up on Pinterest, and today I found Honeycrisp Apple scented dish soap at Target. I am already planning a Saturday cooking spree so I can make big batches of roasted tomato and basil soup, verde chicken chili, and roasted potato and leek soup to stash in the freezer for after baby comes. I’ll never forget going over to my friend Heather’s house Labor Day weekend years ago. It was blistering hot outside, but she had her fall wreath hung and her pumpkin candle lit almost as if she were willing fall into existence. I’m taking her strategy this year. Next weekend, the pumpkin candles are coming out and pumpkin bread is going in the oven.

In the next three months, we will celebrate my 30th birthday, party it up s’mores style for Charlotte’s 2nd birthday, toast to nine years of marriage with my one and only, and welcome our third miracle into the world. So, yeah, you could say I’m more than a little excited about fall this year. Speaking of baby, we have done absolutely nothing for this sweet child (God bless third children) except choose a boy name and a girl name, and today I figured out a coming home outfit. The coming home outfit is a little trickier when you aren’t finding out the gender beforehand. With Lydia, we had two outfits and my sweet mother-in-law returned the boy one once we heard, “It’s a girl!” With Charlotte, I had a little white footie and the most adorable knit pumpkin hat. This morning, I found a little cream cable-knit playsuit on Zulily to go with the red and cream striped hat Lydia wore for Christmas pictures her first Christmas and a pair of cream booties a friend knitted that I found in our baby stuff. So, we might not have a car that holds three car seats yet, but at least baby has something to wear home! Priorities, right?!

The girls are as crazy and fun as ever. We are finishing up our second week of homeschool, and it’s been great so far. Lydia and I both love the Classical Conversations community we are a part of, and I can’t imagine doing this without others on the same journey. Charlotte is up to her usual antics, making us all laugh and wonder how we ever lived without her. She has a new fascination with elephants–Roll Tide–and loves sharing a room with her sister. Most nights when we go in to check on them, they are both asleep in Lydia’s bed–Lydia right up next to the edge about to fall off and Charlotte splayed out comfortably in the middle.

Matt and I are looking forward to a trip to Chattanooga in October to celebrate my 30th and our 9th anniversary. I’m hoping for gorgeous leaves and crisp temperatures! If you have any food or excursion recommendations, please share. Heather has already told me The Bread Basket is a must! And, of course, Alabama football starts in nine days, which means my blood pressure for the next four months will be a bit higher than normal and Papaw’s houndstooth hat will resume its Saturday location on the mantel.

So, it might be scorching hot outside, but this girl is dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes and honeycrisp apples, fuzzy socks and tiny knit booties, and all the excitement this fall holds.



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