When You Don’t Know What to Say

When You Don’t Know What to Say

photo (56)If I’m being honest, writing has been very hard recently. Maybe it’s the heat or the sheer exhaustion from the second half of pregnancy. But really I think it’s that I have several people I love whose hearts are smashed wide open right now. And my heart is broken for them. I shared with Matt the other night that I just feel so inadequate. I’m at a loss for what to say or what to do to help them. A simple meal and my scribbled out prayers seem so vastly insufficient to the depth of pain they are swimming through right now.

Yesterday, we were at the zoo, and the otters weren’t in the water like they normally are. It was an overcast day, and they were all nestled together in the basin of a bed of rocks, heads flopped on top of one another making it difficult to tell where one otter ended and another began. That’s what I wish I could do with my hurting friends. I wish I could tuck them in to a safe place where they didn’t feel alone or rejected or broken. I wish I could snuggle them in and give them a long nap, the peaceful sleep that’s been evasive recently. I wish they could feel surrounded until the intense loneliness subsides.

I wish I could say or do something that would make them feel all better, but I can’t. The best I can offer is a safe place to share a broken heart, a warm meal to replace an empty fridge, and the fervent prayers of a soul who knows God is faithful even when the days seem as dark as a moonless night. If you are hurting today, please reach out to someone. Please forgive those someones if we say or do the wrong thing because we probably will. But know that we love you, and we are working hard to carve a little nook in the rocks so you can have a safe place to rest your broken heart.

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