Life Before Lists

Life Before Lists

photo (54)Dear neighbors, we apologize. Our yard has been mowed on average once every 3.5 weeks. I would like you to notice there are no weeds, so at least it’s lush grass that’s growing a mile high.

Dear friend, thank you for not saying anything about the fur balls the size of Texas tumbleweed when you came over. Thank you also for ignoring that wet dog smell that was created by, well, wet, dirty dogs. {And wet, dirty kids.}

Dear family, please forgive me because I just found Lydia’s thank you notes from her birthday {which was in May} in a stack of papers. Also, in that stack–my driver’s license renewal form {semi-important} and hospital pre-registration forms that were supposed to be filled out in the first trimester {oops}.

So, as you can clearly see I’ve never been more on top of life. I’ve gotten almost nothing done on my to-do list this summer, but we have done a lot of living. Road trips, lake trips, beach trips, zoo trips–we’ve put some miles on Pearl {the Maxima}. We’ve been wet, dirty, salty, sandy, lake-y. We’ve danced and chased fireflies and eaten electric blue ice cream. And we’ve made the most of the moments we’ve been given.

Life before lists. This planner {recovering control-freak} is finding it’s a great way to live.


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