Friday Fun

Friday Fun

IMG_1397I read two blogs this last week that I just loved. This one from Lysa TerKeurst is great to read and reread and reread again as August quickly marches onto our calendars. I’m saving it because I know I’ll need this reminder a lot. I love where Lysa shared, “I’m convinced her struggles in school are actually God’s way to keeping her on the path He’s had for her since she was conceived.” Isn’t it crazy–and freeing–to think that our weaknesses could be a part of His design for us too?

And my friend Kimmie shared this blog with me, and it was definitely something I needed to read. I don’t know what it is about pregnancy that makes every tiny cell of fear start multiplying until we’ve reached viral levels, but recently Facebook has become a launching pad for fear and worry. I felt that punch in my stomach when the author wrote, “We don’t trust God. We want to BE God.” Gulp. Definitely the heart reminder I needed.

On a lighter note, Em introduced me to Bauble Bar a couple years ago, and I love it. It’s a fun jewelry store along the lines of Charming Charlie, but you can order from your home in your pjs while your littles nap. Shipping is always free, and every Monday and Friday they have a Buried Bauble on sale. Right now they are having a giant sale with lots of fun stuff for not much money. I have been wearing the same three maternity shirts over and over again–well, when I’m not wearing my summer uniform of running shorts and a tee–but at least I can add a little excitement with jewelry.

I’m making some of this White Chocolate Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies for a little Saturday excursion with my bestie and her family. I’m hoping I can find red, white and blue M&Ms to make it patriotic. Speaking of red, white and blue, we’ve been cheering on the USA in the World Cup. Matt is a HUGE soccer fan–second only to Bama football in his book–and I must admit I’ve become a fan over the last thirteen years. Last Sunday our small group had a World Cup party to watch the game and Karen, who is amazing in the kitchen, made the most delicious brownies. I asked her if the recipe was proprietary, and she told me it was Ghiradelli brownie mix with a cream cheese frosting on top! She made the cream cheese frosting with a block of cream cheese, a stick of unsalted butter, a little vanilla and two cups of powdered sugar. So easy, and they were super yummy!

I never cease to be amazed at the green space in our city. We have a park just down the road that feels like a page from The Secret Garden. Last week, Charlotte and I wandered around The Dixon taking pictures and looking at all the beautiful flowers and trees. And last night after dinner we all went to the Germantown Greenway for a long walk. I know Memphis is known for music and BBQ–and I certainly love both of those, especially BBQ pizza–but I am always excited to find new green spaces tucked all around our city, and this runner appreciates the large running community we have in the 901. (After all, you gotta burn that BBQ pizza off, right?)

And last, I’ll do a full book review in a few weeks, but over the weekend I read The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, and it is fabulous! Almost as good as her first book The Secret Life of Bees. I say almost because the bees give the slight edge to the latter. (You know my thing with bees. I love those little guys.) If you liked The Help, I think you’ll love The Invention of Wings. Sue Monk Kidd writes vividly and captures the raw edge of human emotion unlike any other. All three of those are going on the list of books I want my girls to read one day.

It’s been a fun summer full of all my favorite things–wet kids, great reads, late night frozen treats and lots of sun-kissed memories. Have I mentioned I love summer?

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Mmm, love the dark chocolate Ghiradelli brownie mix! I never even make brownies from scratch now that I keep a couple boxes of that mix on hand. If you like the peanut butter/chocolate combo, I would have to suggest this recipe ( which I extremely simplify by using the Ghiradelli box mix and pre-coated pretzels. And thanks for the book suggestions- haven’t read any of those!

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