Dog Days

Dog Days

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetNola’s expression pretty much captures it all. It’s been a crazy few days. Last Thursday night, Lydia started getting goop in her eyes. We had Charlotte’s 18-month check-up scheduled for Friday, and while we were there we learned Charlotte had an ear infection and Lydia had an ear infection and eye infections. ‘Tis the season, right? Got to love the yellow haze that descends this time of year.

With all the sickness, we haven’t left the house much which has this momma going more than a little stir-crazy. Yesterday, the sirens went off in the morning so we had breakfast in the hallway leaving a little Hansel and Gretel trail of yogurty handprints and breakfast bar crumbs.  And last night tornadoes hit central Mississippi touching down close to my parents’ house and many friends. Gratefully, no one was hurt. Thank you, Jesus.

So, it’s been a weird few days. But in the middle of all that craziness, gifts surround me. The irises Ms. Becky gave me a couple summers ago are starting to bloom. My big girl wants to snuggle and read books all day. My little girl likes to stand in front of the oven and peer at her reflection and say, “Hey, baby!” And at night we’ve been making a lot of berry crisp to enjoy while we watch West Wing.

I love to cook, but some days you just need something simple and easy. This week has certainly been that. Last night, we made tomato and mozzarella paninis. I used organic sourdough bread I found at Costco and fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. I layered the sandwiches in my panini press and pulled the lid down until the cheese was all gooey and melty. For a side, I sliced a zucchini in half and cut slits down it length-wise and threw it on the panini too. Then, I drizzled it with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Easy and yummy.

And now I just looked down to see Charlotte has Matt’s boxers around her head. (Fortunately, they are clean.) Never a dull moment I tell you. And this momma wouldn’t have it any other way. Is 9 AM too early for berry crisp? 😉

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