Donuts, Pink & Rodents

Donuts, Pink & Rodents holiday that incorporates chocolate and the color pink is a favorite for our oldest. Lydia has been counting down the days to Valentine’s for two weeks now. While Matt and the kids were still asleep this morning, I snuck out to the donut shop to surprise them with a sugary start to the day. I’m sure I will pay for this in a few hours when they’re bouncing off the walls, but Daddy gets home at lunchtime on Fridays so at least we can go back to man-to-man coverage then.

A little Valentine’s Day happy for you… the photograph is from Kelli Trontel, a crazy talented photographer. Every month she puts out a new photograph to download and use as your lock screen or home screen on your iPhone or as the desktop image on your computer. I love change and I get a little giddy when I change out my lock screen photo each month. You can follow her on IG so you’ll know when to go download the new one each month.

The first Valentine’s Day Matt and I celebrated together he made reservations at our favorite restaurant. Archestratus no longer exists, but they had the most delicious crab cakes and I could drink their comeback dressing out of a pitcher. When we showed up on the evening of February 14th we were shocked when they handed us a menu a quarter of the size of the usual menu and double the regular price. Excuse me?!? That was our first and last time to dine at a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day. The next year we swung to the complete opposite side of the restaurant pendulum and went to Chuck E. Cheese and ate bad pizza and tried to beat each other at Skee Ball so we could rack up tickets to buy the other one something *real nice* at the ticket counter. Much more our style. Some people like diamond earrings. I got a slap bracelet and a spider ring. Perfection.

Ironically, we kept the Chuck E. Cheese tradition for many years, but after two kids we decided to skip the scary rodent and just eat pizza at home. Last year, I baked Ina Garten’s White Pizza with feta, mozzarella and goat cheese. This year, I think I’ll swing by Coletta’s and celebrate Memphis style with a BBQ pizza. Later, after the kids are in bed, we’ll pull out the glasses and toast to this sweet life we share. This will be our thirteenth February 14th to share together, and we’ve definitely made our fair share of mistakes but we’ve also learned a few things. One being that true love isn’t necessarily found in expensive meals with limited menus. True love–be it crab cakes or Chuck E. Cheese pizza–is a daily choice to die to self, to love my spouse more than I love myself. We love because He first loved us. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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