More than One Good Kind of Mother

More than One Good Kind of Mother

photo (36)Last night was my favorite type of party. A few girls tucked away in a little booth at a Mexican restaurant celebrating the upcoming arrival of Baby Claire, never-ending baskets of warm, crispy chips and bowls and bowls of chunky salsa. We all ordered and laughed about the fact that all Mexican dishes have the same six ingredients, but queso belongs in its own category.

After a million laughs and nearly three hours of talking we had covered just about everything related to motherhood–nursing pads and epidurals, mesh hospital panties and the necessity of swaddle blankets, the crib sheet layer trick to save precious minutes during a middle-of-the-night blowout and makind’s greatest invention, the baby wipe. I’m convinced baby wipes are the answer to almost every problem. Baby snot on your jeans–baby wipe. Out of make-up remover–baby wipe. Deodorant on your black dress–baby wipe. Last minute guest coming over–grab a handful of baby wipes and hit the coffee table, kitchen table, island and the guest bathroom counter top. Five minutes and you’re ready. My go-to baby gift these days is a giant box of baby wipes and a favorite baby book. One to keep Mom sane and the other to keep baby happy.

After nachos and chimichangas, we finally got around to cutting the cake and while we savored layers of pink champagne cake and buttercream icing (emphasis on the butter) we talked about “Mommy guilt,” how powerful it can be and how it touches every single mom.

There is more than one good kind of mother.

That little bit of wisdom and truth comes the Dowager Countess, spoken to a desperate Mary at the beginning of this season of Downton Abbey. My friend and fellow Downton fan, Lisa spoke those words over a table of girlfriends and chips and salsa and over our dear friend who will soon become Mom.

I hope to listen to more soon, but I caught a few minutes of the If:Gathering online this weekend. I listened to Shauna Niequist share two things she incorporates into every gathering–a toast and a prayer. A toast to acknowledge you see the people gathered around the table and a prayer to acknowledge where it all came from. I walked out of the Mexican restaurant last night with leftover cake and a grateful heart. Grateful to gather with a few girls and laugh, grateful to walk this motherhood journey together, grateful for friends who speak beautiful, hard truth. Today, I raise my forkful of pink champagne cake and toast all the moms in my life…

There is more than one good kind of mother. Be the best kind of mother, be you.

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