Fall Reads

Fall Reads

charlotte pumpkinHappy Halloween! It’s been raining all day here, the perfect kind of day to snuggle up with my wee goblins and read lots of books. Or Momma reads while one dances around in her Snow White dress and the other pulls all the books off the bookshelf. You know, whatever works.

A few favorites in our stack right now for the girls…

Pumpkin Town by Katie McKy – We got this one for Charlotte’s birthday to have everyone leave her a little birthday message. I searched and searched for good pumpkin books since we were having her party at the pumpkin patch. Finally, I found this one and I just love it. The illustrations by Pablo Bernasconi are whimsical and the story is captivating. A new fall favorite for sure.

Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken by Kate DiCamillo & Harry Bliss – Matt’s sweet aunt manages Square Books in Oxford and she sent us a personalized signed copy of this book for Lydia’s second birthday. Such a special gift and such a great book. We watched the Tale of Despereaux based on another book by Kate one night recently, and it’s incredible as well (It’s on Netflix too!)  I love how Kate writes books kids love while stretching their minds and capturing their imaginations.

Tickle Time by Sandra Boynton – We are huge fans of Sandra Boynton’s fun and happy books. A sweet friend gave Charlotte Tickle Time for her birthday and Charlotte will hand it to me to read over and over and over. We also love Fifteen Animals and Moo, Baa, La La La. These are great gifts for a first birthday or first Christmas.

And a couple I’ve loved reading recently…

The In-Between by Jeff Goins – The tagline reads “Embracing the tension between now and the next big thing.” I have a thing with waiting. I don’t like it. But God keeps bringing this theme into my life, so I know He must have something for me to learn during the wait. This book caused me to reflect on the wait and the journey instead of focusing on the destination.

Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt – I got this book on my Kindle for my recent trip to Florida. I felt particularly proud when I bought it because I had indeed packed light for my trip. In an effort to not give Delta $50 for my bags I managed to get everything I needed into a carry-on bag. I almost took a picture to send to my dad because I knew how proud he would be of my packing job. In a world that says bigger house, better car, more clothes and newer gadgets, I loved reading Allison’s story of a life-changing trip to all 50 states and learning to live with less baggage.

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist- I’ve read this book a dozen times, and I’m reading it again. Every time I pick this one up, my eyes are opened to the extraordinary moments of life happening all around me . This was Shauna’s first book and one of my all-time favorites to read over and over again.

Settle in, hopefully with Reese’s pumpkins in one hand and a great book in the other. Here’s to a happy and very rainy Halloween!

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