Summer is…

Summer is…




Summer is stars & stripes, crisp red and blue and fireworks painted on an inky sky.

IMG_4944 IMG_4941 IMG_4920

Summer is flying high and clouds like little cotton candy puffs floating just out of reach. Summer is ladybugs and roly-polys that end up with names and a home on the dresser.

M & C bw  IMG_5083

Summer is piles of books while the orange glow of late afternoon sun spills across the pages. Summer is snuggles and staying up late.

IMG_5157  IMG_5213

Summer is sticky hands and the psychedelic color scheme of sweet sno cones.


Summer is the tiny hairs around her face curling up with little beads of sweat.

IMG_5264 IMG_5293

Summer is green grass, wildflowers and eyes the color of a summer sky. Summer is sun up to sun down, making the most of every moment, however ordinary it might seem. And knowing that within each moment is a chance to soar, to dream, to fly, to savor a taste of summer.

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