That Time I Had a Burning Candle on My Head

That Time I Had a Burning Candle on My Head

imageSaturday evening, I got back in town from four crazy days. It rained. Our bus got stuck on a hairpin turn that we weren’t supposed to take. We ate questionable chicken. It rained. We danced like fools. We ate questionable burgers. We laughed… a lot. It rained. We got a wee tiny bit of sleep. Which means we drank copious amounts of caffeine. We ate questionable sausage. We learned. It rained. We danced like crazy people. We recorded a “Pickle Rap.” We painted our faces green. It rained. We ate Clif Bars (because the questionable meat was doing a number on our tummies.) And we danced until every muscle in our legs ached.

At our second session, one of the girls moseyed on over to me while we were dancing like crazy people. I could tell she wanted to join in but wasn’t sure what to do. I told her that when I was her age I was so afraid to dance. Afraid I would mess up, people would laugh and I’d be really embarrassed. But far too late in life, I learned that the key to dancing is to just have fun. Don’t worry what others think about you. Throw yourself out there and have fun with it. When you spin to the left and everyone else goes to the right, laugh. When you throw your hands up and everyone else is touching the ground, laugh.

Last Monday, Lydia told me she wanted to dance and specifically that she wanted to hear Journey (yes, I’m more than a little proud that my three-year-old requests Journey.) Dancing does something inside you. It brings out the kid in all of us. The kid who believes she’s invincible, creative and capable of anything. The kid who believes in pixie dust and miracles and sees the good in people.

And in the middle of all that dancing, those darling kids chose me to go up on stage for a little leader/kid game. And so I had a burning candle on top of my head while a kid who knows a lot about dancing squirted a Nerf gun at me to blow it out. We won in about 1.8 seconds. Oh, yes, we did.

Dance today. Maybe skip the burning candle on top of the head. But dance like a fool.


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