Fireflies & Facing Fear

Fireflies & Facing Fear

IMG_2171I love almost everything about summer (I could do without the mosquitoes) and as soon as the temperature goes about 60 degrees, my toes are sporting flip-flops. We were at the Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago, and they had the giant machine shelling peas. One whiff of the smell of those fresh peas took me back to summers on my grandparents’ farm. Mamaw and I would shell peas while we watched countless episodes of I Love Lucy. Summer for me is lemon ice box pie and running through the sprinkler while dinner is grilling. It’s swimsuits, sandy toes and sun-kissed noses. It’s fireflies swirling overhead at night, their little bodies sprinkling light.

Summer is a much-needed break from the rhythm and order of fall, winter and spring. It’s a chance to break the rules and eat ice cream for breakfast, to stay up late and make s’mores and definitely a time to enjoy being outdoors. I’m finding it’s also a great time to try something new, to push yourself, to tell fear to shove it. This summer I’m making an intentional effort to show my girls more of this amazing city we live in. When we first moved to Memphis seven years ago, I was thrilled, but in my head I always thought we would be here for only a few years. Over the years this city with all its beautiful, imperfect people and delicious BBQ pizza has completely captured my heart. I want to treasure these days spent creating a secret garden at the nature center and discovering the name of each and every single reptile (which still makes my skin crawl but I’m doing it anyway). Of picking strawberries and making whipped cream. Of little fingers running across the smooth marble banister and looking up at a painting centuries old.

Here’s to dirt trails and butterfly chases. Here’s to fresh blueberries and iced tea. Here’s to fireflies and facing fear. Here’s to summer!

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