Roberts (34)

Three years ago today, I heard the words, “It’s a girl!” followed by the piercing scream of my precious Lydia Marie taking her first breath. After a painful path to my pregnancy with you and a scary delivery, when I heard that beautiful sound I started sobbing and so did your daddy. After the neonatologist checked you over to be sure your heart rate had returned to normal, Daddy brought you to me, right next to my head, and you reached out those tiny fingers, grabbed my nose and I was forever changed. Several hours later, when I finally got to hold you I just remember thinking, “I’ve never known a love like this.”ย I knew I would give everything to love you, protect you and guide you.


You are fiercely independent, and I hear, “I can do it all by myself” 100 times a day. You dance all the time, at restaurants, in the car and over every square inch of our home. You would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let you, and sometimes, on very special days, we do just that. On most days, you can be found wearing a tutu with your shirt on backwards (because you can do it all by yourself)ย and if it’s sparkles you love it. Every weeknight, as soon as you hear the garage door going up, you run to “hide” in the pantry waiting for your daddy to come find you. And every time you giggle while he “looks” for you and when he finds you and swings you around, you laugh so hard and beg him to do it again. You’re a lefty just like your daddy and artistic like him too. But you’ve got your momma’s determination and temper.

Roberts (8)

My favorite part about this past year was watching you become a big sister. You are absolutely the best. I was getting ready a couple months ago while you and Charlotte were reading books in the nursery. I heard giggling and I had to come see what you two were up to. I glanced around the corner and saw you playing peek-a-boo with Charlotte and she was laughing so hard she nearly tipped over. Charlotte looks at you like you hung the moon, and your name was the second word she learned how to say. I’ll peek over at you two often and find you holding hands. How blessed Charlotte is to have you as her big sister.

Forever and always, I’ll love you to the moon and back. Happy 3rd birthday, my Lydia Marie.

Roberts (20)One week

Roberts (3)One year

Roberts (19)Two years

Roberts (50)Three years

2 thoughts on “Three

  1. I think our three year olds would be perfect friends ๐Ÿ™‚ From being lefties to dancing NON-STOP they sound just alike ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy birthday to your biggest little!

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