Our church has been doing a Priority Time Challenge in the book of Proverbs this summer. A couple weeks ago I came across one of my favorite Proverbs.

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:24

I love that this verse talks about honeycomb (Being a beekeeper is high on my bucket list) and I also love the effects of our words on other people. With our words we can bring life to someone’s soul and body. How powerful! I believe God has given women the unique role of making life better for those around us. For our husbands, we can turn a rough work-day around with a fun text saying, “Thank you for working so hard for us!” or cooking his favorite meal for dinner. For our kids, we can soothe a scraped knee with a kiss and a Hello Kitty band-aid (at least that’s what we’re sporting around here). Or we can add a pile of pillows and take turns jumping into a homemade crash pile to add a dose of fun to a rainy day. And with our friends, we can surprise them with an unexpected note or text. My friend Emily is the best at sending notes (via snail mail which feels so special)  just because. They always, always make me smile. And just a couple days ago my friend Liz sent me a text that started my whole day on a bright note.

We have the capacity to change the energy in the room with just a few words. As women, we have the tools to bring life to those around us. I know from experience (and doing it wrong a lot) that choosing gracious words isn’t easy. I’m selfish and I want to play the one-up game with my hubby (You know where he’s telling me about his hard day and I launch into, “You think that’s rough?! Let me tell you about my day…”). Or I want to throw my kids in front of a movie and go to the bathroom, lock the door and look at Instagram or Pinterest, which I instantly regret because now I hate my curtains and want to book the next flight to Bora Bora. And my sweet friends, I tell myself there will be time tomorrow. I’m just too busy to stop right now and say something, write something, text something. They’ll understand. They’re busy too. Of course, I never get around to it tomorrow and eventually I just forget.

What I’ve found is that the selfish spiral picks up speed quickly and it always leaves me bruised and battered at the bottom. But if I can stop my pity party and take a moment to encourage someone around me, I not only have the opportunity to bring sweetness to that person’s soul but to mine as well. In my kitchen, I keep honey in a little honey jar my momma gave me, and it sits next to my favorite cookbooks. Every time I pull a cookbook out, I find the cover a little sticky. Our words are the same way. If we choose gracious words, encouraging words, the sweetness permeates those around us. And, in the process, we get a little sticky-sweet too.

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