Last night, I confessed to a couple friends who have multiple kids that I was feeling “mommy guilt” with this pregnancy because I was 27 weeks along and I hadn’t done a thing to prepare for this baby except take my vitamins every day and go to all my doctor’s appointments. They assured me that this was completely normal, and it made me feel better. Since we didn’t find out what we were having with L, the nursery and all our baby stuff (minus clothes) is gender neutral so there just isn’t much to get together. Matt did bring all the newborn stuff down for me today so I could start going through it and just making sure I knew where everything was, and I need to start stockpiling small diapers and wipes šŸ™‚

I’m still determined to think of a few things to do to celebrate this baby because if I had one thing to tell this child it would be this… you were the greatest surprise of my life. Every time I feel you kick, I think to myself how God has lavished his blessing on us. You are the frosting on my cake. I love you, sweet Pumpkin, more than you will every know.

One thought on “Pumpkin

  1. So sweet…glad to know Matt followed through and went to the attic to get some things downyou for you! Lil' Pumpkin will never know that you waited until week 27 to start arranging things to prepare for "its" arrival šŸ˜‰ unless they search through your blogposts…and then your secret will be known!! Love you friend and I am so proud of the mommy you are to all your little blessings!!

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