A few more favorites…

A few more favorites…

This tea…

… is amazing. I drink it almost every night (with a bath… lukewarm instead of my usual scalding hot because of the baby 🙂 A little honey is all it needs. Love the taste of blueberries and honey!

I’m in love with this soap…

… Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. I use it for body wash, hand soap, washing the dogs, washing my face, yeah just about everything. Put a little on a loofah for a good scrub and your skin will feel so tingly and alive! Oh yeah, and it’s organic… win!

These acrylic shelves

We used seven of them to make a wall of shelves in L’s new big girl room to hold all her books. That girl loooooves to read (just like her momma and daddy 🙂 At $8.75 a piece, it only cost about $75 for a really cool “bookshelf.” Best part is we used space that would have just been wasted in the room. Her big girl room is almost ready. I think we’ll start her sleeping in there in a few weeks! We’ll see how sleeping in the big girl bed goes! 😉


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