Naked Tea Party

Naked Tea Party

What a ca.ra.zey. month December was. I told Matt last week that I’m pretty sure I ate more red meat in that single month than I have the whole rest of the year! Between our work parties, our little family Christmas dinner with the three of us and then Matt’s birthday dinner date, we ate steak like it was chicken! Decadent, I tell you!

Now, we’re back to our fruits and veggies, soups and cheeses (well, the cheeses never actually went away, of course 😉 But somewhere in the middle of all that craziness, I finally got around to making L’s portable tea party! I found this tutorial from Prudent Baby back when L was a wee baby and since then I’ve made one for my niece, ML and my might-as-well-be niece WK. I figured it was about time I made one for my tea-lovin’ gal. Matt’s mom found the adorable tea pot fabric, and I loved it because it was so colorful. I’ll take some more practical pictures later, but basically it’s a giant circle that’s reversible that serves as the tea party tablecloth AND then you pull the ribbon that runs along the edge and it becomes a satchel to hold all your tea party goodies. I also made some little placemats with yellow-gingham fabric and adorable matching napkins with yellow rick-rack on the side. L loves her tea parties, but apparently proper attire is well… lacking 😉

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