She was 17. He was 18. In true Nicholas Sparks’ fashion, the two were talking one night outside the rental house listening to the waves crash on the shore. They were in Key West for a Jr/Sr Youth Trip preparing to graduate high school in just a few short months.

They were sitting on an old log, worn smooth by countless beatings from the ocean. He leaned over to her and said, “You know… I’m gonna marry you one day.” She was convinced he would be able to see her heart beating rapidly as the corners of her mouth turned up. After all, she had felt the same thing already. But it seemed ridiculous. How could you know at 17 that the man sitting to your left would be the one you spent the rest of your life with?

Fast forward ten years and it still seems ridiculous. But I love that man more now than ever before. Soon, we will be back in the Keys for the first time since that trip almost ten years ago. We’ll be celebrating six years of marriage and ten years of dating with a little anniversary cruise. To that boy with the preppy hair cut and the insanely good tan, I love you forever and always.

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