It’s a Wreath Down

It’s a Wreath Down

After being inspired by my crafty friends Ari and Liz, I made this wreath this afternoon. Since I used stuff I already had around the house, it cost me zero dollars and only took about 30 minutes to make!
I had leftover houndstooth fabric (a Bama girl’s staple) from a project last Christmas, and I’ve been wanting to make a wreath for the front door. Fall at our home means Bama football, so the houndstooth was perfect! I just cut the fabric into 10″x1.5″ strips (no need to be exact) with pinking shears. I took a wire coat hanger and stretched it out into a circle shape. Then, I knotted each strip around the coat hanger until they went all the way around. I had some red and white polka dot fabric leftover from a V-day sewing project so I put seven or eight strips of that fabric at the top for a little Bama crimson 🙂
Next, I cut a football shape from a brown box we got some pics in. I used a silver Sharpie to add a few details and RTR! (If you don’t know that means Roll Tide Roll, shame on you! 😉
Next, I cut a piece of red ribbon and duct taped it to the back. Fancy, huh?
Last, I bent the top part of the hanger down to make a little hook and hung it on our freshly painted front door. {Color is MS Vermilion High Gloss Exterior in case you are wondering! We put a fresh coat on this weekend and painted the hardware with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.}
RTR! 🙂

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