Everyone should have a friend like Kim

Everyone should have a friend like Kim

Everyone should have a friend like Kim. One night while we were searching for Scripture in M28 at church, we landed on a passage in Luke 1. I showed Kim how those particular pages of my Bible are underlined, dated and written on all over the place. They’re also crinkly from many, many, many tears that have landed on those beautiful words. I showed her Luke 1:45 and told her I had claimed it after we lost our first baby. Our first baby was due right about this time of year. She would be turning two. Our niece turns two today, and when we found out we were pregnant at the same time as my sister-in-law, we imagined what would happen if both the babies were born on the same day. Our baby was born on February 8th instead, straight into Heaven but still having made an indelible mark on this world… at least my world. That sweet baby has taught me so much, most of all to cling tight to my Father. For true peace, joy and hope is found solely in Him.

Today, Kim gave me a card, and words can’t describe how much it meant for someone to remember our baby. And then, she handed me the following piece of artwork she had created for me. And I cried… big tears… the kind that make your chin crinkle up and look all funny. To have someone love you in a vulnerable spot like that… it changes a person. It inspires hope and provides perseverance. For in Heaven, our sweet babies wait for us. And God has so richly blessed us with a baby to hold in our arms. And I am a different kind of mom because of those first two babies. Happy birthday, sweet child. I look forward to holding you one day, but I know you’re in the arms of your Creator.
I hope you are blessed with a friend like Kim.

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