Kitchen Updates

Kitchen Updates

I’ve always loved our kitchen. It’s a sunny room with lots of space for friends to gather and food to be shared. We don’t have a dining room, but instead we got a big room with space to cook, eat and even a little desk for writing. When we first moved in, we painted the kitchen the most beautiful shade of pale aqua… the color of sea glass. We also transformed the less-than-awesome oak cabinets into a sea of crisp white. It really brightened the place up. Since we decided to wait a while to move because of the real estate market, I was itching to change things up. 🙂

So, I decided I wanted to paint the walls a different color and incorporate my love of aqua into the furniture instead. So, we changed the walls to a pale gray {Secret Passage by Olympic}. Our dining table is nothing special, just a plain rectangle and four semi-boring chairs that we bought for a couple hundred bucks at a mega-furniture store when we got married. They were all stained a deep ebony color, pretty but boring… And that’s when we went a-sanding… we sanded… and sanded… and sanded… and wait… we sanded some more. Yes, it took a looooong time to sand the table completely down to the bare wood, but when we did we were REALLY happy with it. {We used a palm sander to do this. Otherwise, we’d still be working on it.} The top of the table has butcher block style wood. We opted to stain it a lighter color. We went to the hardware store and started swooning over this shade called Peppermill (by Cabot, I believe). The color reminds me of driftwood, and we l.o.v.e. it! Before we stained it, we used a hammer and chains to distress the top. This was the fun part. Great way to get out any stress! After the distressing, we applied a thin layer of stain and used an old undershirt {always thrifty over here} to wipe away the excess stain. Then, we applied a couple thin coats of poly on top. After we finished sanding, it really wasn’t that hard.
Then, we needed to do something about the chairs. We sanded those a bit, just enough to rough them up. I used several cans of spray paint primer {I love that stuff} to prime each chair really well. The spray paint primer is great for jobs like this where there are lots of small crevices. That made a good base, and then I applied a couple thin coats of Valspar Aqua Glow paint to each chair. One tester {only $2.50} covered all four chairs. After the paint had dried, I used some fine sand paper to distress the edges. Because the original ebony color was underneath, the distressing turned out great. I took it a little further and watered down some raw umber glaze I had from a past project {about 1 part glaze to 1 part water} and wiped the glaze over the paint to further add a little “age” to it. Then, I painted a couple thin coats of poly on top of these too for protection. {Tip: Use those cheapo sponge brushes for the poly so you can just toss them at the end.}
Last but not least, that rug. It is now my favorite thing in the kitchen! {Well, except for my KitchenAid mixer, but that’s another post.} I found the rug in the back corner of the Anthropologie clearance section for $30!!! I spotted it, and I could. not. believe. it. I hugged it tight, took it out into the store and found an empty spot of floor to lay it out and see if it would work size wise. Sure enough, it looked perfect! I ran to the counter and could barely contain my glee. I’m super stoked that it’s a cotton/poly blend too so it can be machine-washed! {All the mommas of toddlers who end up with errant blueberries underfoot, can I get a woot-woot?!?} Just for added durability, I took it outside and sprayed it with Scotchguard too. I’m really happy with how everything has turned out, and we did it for super cheap. All of it was around $60. Not too bad!
In case you wanted to see the before, here is a table that looks similar to ours. I cannot figure out where I saved the before pics… argh! This will give you an idea though…
And now…


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