In Italics- Summer Part 1

In Italics- Summer Part 1

Summer = reading for me, and I’ve pored through a stack of books this summer. Some autobiographies, some thrillers and a new author I’m just giddy over. The list runs too long for a single post, so I’ll separate it into a couple/three different blogs, but here are a few…

Last summer, I devoured Laura Bush’s autobiography, so when my friend Heather, finished George Bush’s Decision Points, I was itching to get my hands on it. In a most fortuitous relationship, we have an unspoken back-and-forth conversation that takes place within the books we share. Decision Points is informative, eye-opening and offers the reader an interesting view into the world of politics and family. While the former president has a much more fact-driven way of writing than his lovely wife, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. I kept thinking to myself, “How does one person carry all that responsibility?” I was deeply encouraged to read of his outspoken relationship with Christ and particularly his battle with alcohol. Read both of their books together, and it gives you a personal narrative of these unique years in history.

I spied this book on the 7-Day checkout at the library, and after I finished Decision Points, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve always enjoyed Tony Blair’s charisma, and the way he writes only cemented my feelings. He is an excellent communicator, and he immediately puts his reader at ease. I can see why he was such an effective diplomat. While I enjoyed discovering history from the other side of the ocean, his communication skills and methods were my favorite lessons.

While we’re in the genre of autobiographies, I read Dancing with Max one weekend recently. I was at the Orange conference in April, and one of my breakouts was about kids with autism. The breakout speaker recommended this book, and I’m glad she did. I laughed. I cried. And by the end of the book, I wanted to hug Max and his momma. If you love someone with special needs, you will love every last word of this inspirational story. I couldn’t put it down.

Three down… about a dozen to go… so many good books. More to come!

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