On the Bias

On the Bias

Ok, I admit it. I’m a bit of a steak snob. I have this thing about getting a little piece of fat, and, frankly, it triggers my gag reflex and just ruins the meal for me. (More information than you wanted to know, I’m sure.) So, on the very rare occasion that I eat steak, I order a filet, medium-rare but more on that later. Almost no fat to deal with, extremely tender and moist. Perfect! Except the price 😦 I’m a Dave Ramsey fanatic who has a bit of a crush on our family budget, so I don’t want to cheat and go over on the grocery line.

Well, I’ve heard all about the flank steak–not a lot of fat to deal with, easy to grill and cheap! Woohoo! But I’ve always wondered if that inexpensive cut of beef could really taste good. Last weekend, I decided to try it. I found a good-looking flank steak for around $10 that would make 4 servings ($2.50 a serving for steak… um, yeah!) I knew from my extensive Food Network watching days back when we had cable that marinating the meat in something acidic was crucial to flank steak. So, I found a tequila lime marinade and put that thing in a Ziploc just bathing in all that yummy goodness overnight. The next night, Matt fired up the grill and cooked it for six minutes on each side, searing in all the juices but definitely leaving it a little room to still say, “Moo!”

Two other commandments I learned from Food Network. The first–always, always, always let your meat rest before you cut it. We waited around 10-12 minutes or the time it took to make the side dish, move L’s high chair outside and get our drinks. The second–when working with flank steak you MUST slice the meat at a diagonal against the grain. In sewing, it’s called cutting it on the bias. This is the key! I sliced it up and served it with a simple wedge of frosty iceberg lettuce with jalapeno ranch dressing drizzled (ok, dripping) on top and let’s just say it was… deeeeeelicious. So delicious that I thought about taking a picture, but realized that would mean I had to wait 30 more seconds before sinking my teeth in, and I just couldn’t do it.

One last comment about flank steak, or any steak actually. A kind cow has given his life that we might have the delicious meal before us. Please do not insult the memory of this kind creature by cooking your steak well-done. It’s wrong, very wrong. Medium-rare is my preference, but at least go for medium… puh-lease? The cows would be very grateful. Ok, I’m well done with that now. (Get it? Har-har-har.) If you do cook your steak well-done, it’s okay. I have plenty of faults too. 🙂

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