Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Because her birthday is in May and we knew we wanted the party to be in MS so our family wouldn’t have to travel far, we decided on a garden theme! I didn’t want it to be too “themey” but I did want it to feel casual and fun and of course… lots of food!

I made the invitations myself. One side was yellow polka dotted and the other was bright pink polka dotted. The flower invitation folded to make a fun little surprise envelope. I found a fun font and went to town…

We had the party at Matt’s mom and step-dad’s house, a beautiful home in the country that is over one hundred years old. As people arrived, we asked them to write a special message to L in a sweet book. We hope that she will keep the book so she can remember all the people who came to her first birthday party.

The book is called My Garden by Kevin Henkes. My favorite page was about planting seashells πŸ™‚

We drank sweet tea and lemonade from Mason jars with adorable barber stripe straws

The menu for “Cafe Lydia” included Pop’s Boiled Shrimp (a Wentworth staple), Big Skeet’s Italian Grilled Chicken and Zucchini, Momma’s Pesto Pasta Salad and Didi’s Homemade Blueberry Pie with Pop’s Homemade Ice Cream (another Wentworth staple πŸ™‚ The cute little bicycle held the silverware.

The napkins were wrapped around plastic ware that looks like real silver ware! I tied ribbons from the vintage fabrics I used to make her birthday banner and tablecloths.

I made L a sunflower cake. The center was her smash cake–lemon cake with blueberries on top. Around it were lemon cupcakes. The plate I painted for her, and I hope she will use it every birthday to eat a piece of cake!

Here is the cake from a little further out. It was easy to make and fun to watch L eat!
She devoured every last blueberry!

You can see the banner I made her at the top with vintage fabrics I found for $1 each! Below is all the yummy food!

I had to put this one in! My mom acting crazy! I think we know where L gets her dance moves!

Aunt Gracie got L some birthday balloons. They were a BIG hit!
Pops & Didi got L a wagon, and she and ML (her cousin) had so much fun riding around on it while Uncle Scotty pulled them.
I made Mini Mint Dirt Cakes for people to take with them as a thank you for coming. The mint was in memory of L’s great-grandmother Kitty who passed away the summer before L was born. Kitty used to grow mint and use it to make mint tea. She is greatly missed!
They were yummy and very easy! (I know the lighting is different, but we forgot to take pics before the sun went down πŸ™‚

Matt brought down lots of hydrangeas from our special bush at home. We put them in blue Mason jars all over the place. The blue Mason jars were the first things I bought for L’s party, and the whole theme took off from there…

More pictures coming soon of L on her big day! My sweet friend Steph took lots of pics of L on her fancy schmancy new camera, so I’m waiting on those!

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