A Bit British

A Bit British

Last night, we were supposed to go to the Oyster House for a birthday party for a friend, but since L’s getting her one-year-molars, she wasn’t sleeping great and I didn’t feel good about leaving her with a babysitter in that condition.

So, instead Matt pulled out his phone and we discovered that The King’s Speech was finally available at our nearest Redbox. A few minutes later we started the movie and I realized we were missing something… and you know what that something was… scones!

Such a simple recipe, so we had all the ingredients {well, I had to substitute sour cream and a splash of organic 2% milk for ricotta cheese and buttermilk but it worked great!} and ten minutes later our delicious mixed berry scones were baking in the oven. And I’m happy to report they were just as delicious as I remembered and the movie is outstanding. {Warning to parents, a bit of language in a couple parts but it’s pretty contained.}

Sometimes, the impromptu date nights on the couch are the very best ones. Cheers!

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