My beloved T-Town

My beloved T-Town

Last night I was sitting in a session when my friend Liz messaged me saying she had seen a picture of 15th Street in Tuscaloosa post-tornado and it looked awful. She wanted to know if my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and niece were okay. I had been in sessions all day at the conference and didn’t even know about the tornado. I instantly messaged my sister-in-law Ashley. She responded that they were okay and was sending me pictures. I opened my email completely unprepared for the utter devastation I would see in my inbox. The street I used to live on was demolished. The city I love and the campus that forever holds my heart was broken and shattered.

I ask for your prayers for Tuscaloosa tonight, specifically for my former church Calvary Baptist. I pray that Calvary will be a beacon of light during this dark time. I pray that God’s presence will be known throughout my beloved alma mater and that His Name will be glorified even in the midst of such tragedy. I pray that the saving grace of Jesus will be shared and that many will begin a relationship with Him. Thank you, Lord, for being our Everything.

Thank you for your prayers.

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