Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand

I’m at an incredible conference this week- Orange Conference for people in Kids, Student and Family Ministry. {If you don’t know, I’ve been on staff at our church for five years in May.} Ministry is amazing, it’s hard, it’s extremely gratifying, it’s all-consuming and it’s beyond rewarding. And then, of course, being a wife and mom is also exactly all those things–amazing, hard, gratifying, all-consuming and beyond rewarding. So, what happens when the two collide?

This morning, one of the speakers shared this simple but profound truth, “My family should get the best of my time.” What does that mean? It means that I’ve drawn a line in the sand. I’ve decided that I want Matt & L to love ministry, not resent it. It means I am committed to weekly dates with Matt, family dinners every night around the table and getting on the floor to play with my baby girl instead of watching tv. It means that I will choose to get my work done while L naps instead of checking Facebook or reading blogs because that way I can be finished by the time she wakes up. It means that I won’t say yes to everything, even good things, because it means I would have to say no to my family. It means I will unplug from my laptop and my phone. It means I will treasure every moment with my incredible husband and precious daughter. It means that I will remember that God carries our burdens and ministry isn’t about me. It’s about the Almighty, and He is fully capable of carrying everything I bring to Him. So that when I am with my family, I can truly give them the best of my time.

What about you? What boundaries do you have in place to treasure and celebrate your family?

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