Where’s the Cream Filling?

Where’s the Cream Filling?

This yummy chocolate eclair cake is a favorite summer dessert. I first had it when my roommate at Bama made it for us. Jenn was a huge answer to prayer and our meeting was definitely a God-thing. We both ended up in the very last summer orientation because of calendar conflicts with the other ones. (We are both type-A personalities and definitely not the type to wait for the last anything 😉 Mom and I drove to Tuscaloosa for the orientation.

When we arrived, they sent the parents to one room and the students to another. We were divided by last names, so all the W’s were together. I asked the girl sitting behind me if I could borrow her pen, and we started talking. I quickly found out she loved God and loved to have fun. (And this is when the wheels start turning… see, I didn’t know anyone else going to Bama and I didn’t have a roommate yet.) We laughed and had a good time and at the end of our session we walked to the Ferg (student union) to find our moms. And of course… in God’s hilarious way… our moms had met too and totally hit it off as well. The four of us hung out that day, and then it was time to go to the dorms where we would spend the night. Jenn pulled out her key, and I pulled out mine. Yep, our rooms were right next to each other. We knew then that it was destined to be!

A few weeks later we moved into New Hall (which wasn’t new at all but we loved it!). The first week we were there we got plastic cups with the Alabama fight song on them, and we brought them back to our dorm room and learned every. last. word. of that song. Eternal nerds I tell you. 🙂 Jenn and her husband live in D.C. now where they are both brilliant engineers (their combined IQs would blow you away), but I’ll always remember the fun times we had at Bama.

Chocolate Eclair Cake

2 packages of French vanilla pudding
4 cups cold milk
1 8 oz container Cool-Whip
1 box of graham crackers
1 container of chocolate frosting

1. Make the pudding according to directions. Usually, you beat the two pudding packets with four cups of cold milk for a couple minutes.

2. Fold in the Cool-Whip with the pudding to make your custard.

3. In the bottom of a 9×12 baking dish, layer graham crackers.

4. Then spread half the custard mixture on top of the layer of graham crackers.

5. Repeat with another layer of graham crackers and the other half of the custard.

6. Spread a final layer of graham crackers on top.

7. Take the lid and aluminum foil top off the frosting can, and put it in the microwave at half power for 1 minute.

8. Pour the frosting on top and spread it evenly to cover the top and refrigerate the dessert overnight.

9. (Sneak a bite at midnight because that’s overnight, right? 🙂


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