Prayer Link

Prayer Link

I think the coolest thing about technology is how it links the body of Christ… through the magic of internet and blogs I can follow and pray for people I don’t even know. Because we worship the same Lord and Healer.

Please join me in praying for these three girls. I don’t know any of them personally, but their stories are amazing. All three of them have incredible moms who love the Lord with all their hearts and love their precious girls just like I love mine. I think it is amazing that our Savior can unite people who will never meet through prayer.

Here are the girls’ names and their moms’ blogs…

Lucy Krull-
Kate McRae-
Kellan Good-

Two of the girls are being treated at St. Jude here in Memphis. I am so grateful for everything that St. Jude and LeBonheur (where a lot of serious pediatric surgeries are done) do, and this city is better because these hospitals exist. If you ever get the chance to give to St. Jude, please take the opportunity. St. Jude does not turn away a child because his family can’t pay, and that is AMAZING!!! I have several friends who work at St. Jude and they have incredible hearts for the ministry they are doing.

Thank you for your prayers for these girls. I am so grateful that we worship the Great Physician and that He is fully capable of carrying these families through this hard, hard time.


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