Many Thanks

Many Thanks

Thank you for your prayers! My mother-in-law’s surgery went great and we got VERY good results back from the pathology report. Yay!

In other news, I am wanting to find new bedside tables for M and me. I don’t want them to match and I would love to find something I can refinish… in the meantime, I saw a blog about what’s on your bedside table so I had to go look at mine…

I have a clock that Matt gave me on our second dating anniversary (that would be 2003 and we were 19 🙂 It is mother of pearl and says “My Timeless Treasure” on it… (cue the awws please 😉 and then there’s a sweet pic of L with her nose all crinkled because she’s smiling just as big as she possibly can. Add in a lamp for late night reading, my latest library book and a water glass for middle-of-the-night-thirst (that started when I was pregnant and never ended) and my Burt’s Bee’s lib balm. That stuff is crazy-good.

So, what’s on your bedside table? Do share!

In other-other news, a very tiny Taco Bell dog has weaseled his way into our backyard and Nola and Allie are now going mad trying to get out the back door to go show him who’s boss. Uh-oh… must go!

One thought on “Many Thanks

  1. …lamp, a cross, my favorite pottery barn clock, a frame of my immediate family from our wedding day, a beth moore book and poetry by emily dickinson … oh, and 4 black hair bands {just keeping it real!}

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