Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge

I love words that have the “dge” sound like “hodge” and “podge” and “smidge” and “bridge” and okay… I think you get the point. Anyway, a few random things I am loving these days…

1. The caesar salad with grilled chicken at Newk’s. It is cold and crispy with the perfect amount of Parmesan cheese and razor-thin shavings of grilled chicken. Plus, it’s GIGANTIC. That and a tall glass of iced tea cut in half, and I am good to go.

2. This travel booster seat from Munchkin. When we were at the lake this weekend, we took this for Lyd to sit in. It’s so convenient because it straps onto any chair and creates an instant high chair. And when you’re all done you just fold it up and carry it like a purse. Brilliant!

3. Unfiltered, local honey. During all my Southern Living reading last weekend, I came across an article about how unfiltered honey is packed with antioxidants, and local honey can help with allergies. So, at the grocery store last week, I came across a jar of unfiltered honey made just a few miles away. Plus, the beekeeper’s name and address just happened to be on the jar. Yep, he might be getting a little visit from me. Yay for buying local!

4. Dove dark chocolates. I decided to only eat desserts on the weekends, but I still need a little bit of sweet every day. Dove dark chocolates are so creamy and one or two (always two) is the perfect mini-dessert. Plus, everyone says dark chocolate is good for you. (And who am I to argue?)

5. What’s your favorite type of cheese? I think mine is Brie or maybe fresh mozzarella or maybe melted goat cheese… I can’t decide. But if you ever lose me in the grocery store, go to the artisanal cheese section, and that’s where I’ll be.

With a fridge and a fudge and a budge and a nudge, I’m outta here. (Can you tell I’m in a weird mood today?)

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