Druid City

Druid City

We got an unexpected mini-vacation this week. Matt has a potential client who wanted to do an in-person meeting in Tuscaloosa, so Lyd and I joined him. We have some friends from Jackson who have a second home on Lake Tuscaloosa that we got to stay at for a couple days. I was expecting it to be pretty (I have a gigantic love for any body of water) but I was blown away by the view from every room in the house…

We got in town Thursday around lunch and went to our favorite place for lunch in Tuscaloosa, City Cafe. As always, it hadn’t changed a bit. Still the same plastic menus, still the same photos on the wall (with a couple new signed pics from the championship 🙂 and the food was still just as delicious. I got the meat and three (well, actually four but who’s counting 😉 with a fried chicken breast filet and string beans, black-eyed peas, mac and cheese and fried okra. Nobody else makes fried okra like City Cafe!
Soon after lunch, M had to head to his meeting and L needed her afternoon nap, so I curled up on the couch staring out at that lake with my cup of tea in hand and a stack of old Southern Living magazines to explore. I kept coming across recipes I want to try, so I decided to take pictures with our camera instead of trying to write them down. It worked great, and I came home with a couple dozen new recipes! I’m looking forward to trying them soon. Friday, we got to show L around our alma mater. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed getting to hear the chimes and walk around the quad. Forgive my hair. It was quite windy that day!

L also got to see her cousin ML. Aren’t they so cute? I love how L is trying to hold ML’s arm.

We packed a lot of fun into three days. We made chocolate chip pancakes. I barely beat M at Friends Scene It. We discovered mint Skinny Cows (delish). And the three of us got to spend a lot of time together. Have I mentioned how much I love these two?
*In case you are wondering about the title… Tuscaloosa is nicknamed Druid City because of all the water oaks that grow there. Just a bit of trivia for you 🙂 and of course… RTR!

One thought on “Druid City

  1. Looks so fun!! I love that you took Lyd to the campus … and would love nothing more than to say GO GATORS right now, but…I'll refrain 😉 Love you!

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