The Paper Man

The Paper Man

I don’t know if this is the case in all cities (most likely so), but every Sunday morning on my way to church I pass two paper men. I leave for church very early (around 6:30 AM if I’m on time… which means most weeks it’s more like 6:40) and they are always hunkered down trying to stay warm since the sun hasn’t come up and it has been chi-illy in Memphis recently.

So, I got an idea… what if I started bring them a hot drink on my way? Matt makes coffee every Sunday morning anyway, so he just makes extra and I take it to them and pick up my newspapers (yes, I buy two because I don’t want one of them to feel left out-it’s double the coupons!). I’ve been delivering coffee for a month now, and now they know it’s me when they see my car pull up.

Anyway, the only reason I’m writing about this is because I was talking to some of the staff girls at lunch the other day (Chick-fil-A, of course 🙂 and we realized that among us we pass about 6 people selling newspapers on Sundays! And that got me to thinking… what if other people delivered coffee? Could we cover all the newspaper men and women in Memphis? Wouldn’t that be cool?

So, here’s where you can get involved. Do you pass a newspaper man (or woman!) on Sunday morning? You can leave a comment and indicate if you’re willing to deliver coffee and what location you’re going to. I’ve been delivering the coffee in Commissary cups because we have a ridiculous surplus of those (all those tamales and bbq we’ve been eating with the in-laws), but I’m going to get some styrofoam (yes, I know-it’s not green-maybe I can find a better option) cups with lids so the coffee stays warm longer. If the cost prevents you from doing it, please let me know and I will cover the cost of coffee and supplies! I know it’s not much-just a simple cup of coffee-but on a cold morning, it sure makes a person smile 🙂

Are you in?

2 thoughts on “The Paper Man

  1. Great idea. We don't pass one, but it is a good idea. Mike Hutsell bought all of the papers from one guy one Sunday and brought him to HP, or at least offered to do so (long time ago). Way to follow the Holy Spirit. Matt M.

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