This blog brought to you by Date Night

This blog brought to you by Date Night

All week I look forward to Date Night. It is the highlight of my week. Now, I love getting all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant and the big screen as much as the next gal, but we love a weekly date night, and all that fancy schmancy every week just ain’t in our budget. So, a lot of weeks we do an “at home date”. And we LOVE them! Tonight, we’re making a pizza and renting a Red Box movie.

First, I think Red Box is a BRILLIANT invention. We even reserved the one we wanted to see (The Social Network) and I picked it up on my way to the grocery store for a DOLLAR (can you tell I still can’t get over the fact that it only costs a dollar?). For our pizza, we’re making a new creation, and we’ve deemed it “Mambo Italiano” 🙂 Yes, we’re that weird couple that makes up crazy names for everything because we’re just that cool. ha! I made this homemade pizza crust but I used whole wheat flour instead. And we’re topping it with turkey sausage (so delicious and way healthier), roasted bell peppers and onions (roast them at 400 degrees with a little olive oil and kosher salt to bring out all the natural flavor) and fresh mozzarella (I adore fresh mozzarella almost as much as I love Brie… almost…). And don’t forget the crushed red pepper flakes! Yummy!

Oh, and for dessert… I think I’m going to make this chocolate molten cake with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream on the side. And with that I just canceled out all the healthiness of my whole wheat dough and turkey sausage but oh well! It is reeaaaalllly yummy. (and romantic 🙂

I’m so excited! Have I mentioned how much I love date night? Of course, my date might have something to do with that 😉

Happy Friday!

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