A few of my favorite things… January

A few of my favorite things… January

January is my least favorite month. I love summer-flip flops, swimming, beach vacations. I love spring-green grass, my hydrangea blooming, long evenings coming back. I love fall- football, cooler temps, beautiful leaves. But winter… well, it’s not my fav. I love Christmas and all it represents, but come January it’s a little dreary for me. I love to be outside and I love bright colors both of which don’t happen much in January. But still, I have a few favorite things this January…

My new red kitchen kettle. Every night, I make a cup of tea (actually, sweet Matt makes it for me most of the time 🙂 and take a hot bubble bath with my current read. So far, I have tried several Twinings teas. Tea drinkers, have any recommendations for me?

This Listerine whitening wash. Twice a day, before you brush your teeth, swish it around for 60 seconds. It’s so easy, and it works! I found two coupons for this a couple weeks ago, so I got some to try and I’m loving it. Matt and I have both been using it and we can already see a difference. I ❤ white teeth 🙂

Matt and I got Lydia this Busy Ball Popper for Christmas. Last week, I finally got around to getting the batteries for it, and she LOVES it! She also loves to “go Tarzan” on it and try and get the balls out of it. Quite amusing!

And I also love that Valentine’s Day is not far away! 🙂


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