In Italics- January 2011

In Italics- January 2011

Here are the books I’ve been reading the past few weeks…

Drew Brees’ autobiography Coming Back Stronger. I am a huge Saints fan. Growing up in Mississippi, we don’t have an NFL team, and we are less than three hours away from New Orleans, so most of the people in Jackson are Saints fans. We grew up going to games in the Super Dome, and Matt and I got to go to a game this year when we went to NOLA for our 5th anniversary. (Have you heard the funny story about that game? We bought tickets outside the dome a few minutes into the game… club level seats for $50 a person… seems too good to be true, huh? It was. We got inside and realized the seats were both in club level but not together!!! We learned that lesson the hard way! Fortunately, we got to sit together part of the game, and I’m the kind of girl who loves football so I was perfectly happy to see my boys play even if I was with strangers!) Moving on…

I got Matt this collection of C.S. Lewis classics for Christmas, but somehow conveniently borrowed it when we got home. šŸ™‚ I am reading Mere Christianity right now, and it has been way too long since I read this book. I am soaking every bit of it up. I was telling my small group girls last night that C.S. Lewis is one of the invitees at my “If I could have anyone-dead or alive-to dinner, who would it be?” dinner… along with Ina Garten, The Beatles and Ellen-an odd group I know- but Ina would make us a delicious meal, C.S. Lewis would have us talking for hours, The Beatles would keep us rockin’ and Ellen is just hilarious! I can imagine some very interesting conversations between those guys.

The final book I finished a week ago (in one sitting because it was just that good) is a book by my mentor Miss Nan in Jackson, MS. She put together a collection of personal testimonies called God at Work, and it’s amazing. I just love reading stories about God’s faithfulness when people give. This book combined with Mere Christianity and the new study my small group is doing called Gospel in Life… rocking my world and I love it!

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