You’ve taken over, baby girl. Yesterday the house was clean, but now a dozen sea creatures litter the bathtub. I’m finding stacking rings all over the house… blue and green ones in the guest bedroom, orange and red on the bathroom rug. Tiny shoes and a blue bow are resting on the chair in our room. Your thermometer is hanging out on the coffee table. Everywhere I look, there’s not a spot that’s missed your touch. And it’s just perfect.

Some people may want the perfect house where the sofa pillows actually make it to the sofa and the counter tops are clean and clear. But I love that no matter where I look I know without a doubt that little hands live here. I can hear the sound of the ocean via your noise machine as you are napping, and I want to cry I’m so happy. Home isn’t determined by your house or where you live. Home is being with the people you love, and, baby girl, you and your daddy are most certainly loved.

your momma


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